Farm Update

This year  looks to be a pretty exciting year on the farm. We have a lot of fun projects to work on. Some are completely new (like the greenhouse!), but we also have plans of continuing existing projects like planting new trees. We have some less exciting projects to like replacing the window that one of our massive dogs jumped up and broke, and the window I broke bringing a piece of lumber out to the mill from the basement. At the moment we're just trying to hunker down for the last few weeks of winter while Sophia brings her little pups to life and get things organized on here so we can more easily provide updates and setup communications so that people who are interested in taking one of her puppies home can get a hold of us. Today I set up a contact form using our cloud services which I think will work well, and I've updated the menu to take people there.

This post is just a quick glance at some of the things we're doing this year.

  • Build a greenhouse
  • Plant a garden
  • Breed Chickens
  • Breed Ducks
  • Finish doghouse for Sophia
  • Finish perimeter fencing
  • Connect generator to house
  • Build a UPS
  • Improve home automation

I will probably have separate pages for all of these, but check back on this page as I'm likely to update the list with links as we go.