Fitness Training

It might seem weird to see that we offer fitness training as a service here on the farm. Fitness is so important to a healthy lifestyle. I try to keep myself active despite having a job that requires me to be still for many hours in the day. Farm chores are always a good way to get a little exercise in, but depending on the size of your farm or time of year, there may not be enough to do to keep yourself in shape. Last year I started to learn what it would take to be a certified personal fitness trainer which has helped the people around me stay in shape. Now I'm finally ready to start advertising this as a service for anyone to take advantage of. Whether you are local to me or not I'd like to introduce the Basic Fitness Training Plan with a 50% discount for the first month.

Woman Excercising - Photo courtesy of unsplash - Jonathon Borba

If you choose to train with me, you will gain access to a fitness application with a lot of great features. The custom phased workout routine can easily be tracked from the application while at the gym, and it will provide insight into personal bests and help dial in the right amount of effort. You can integrate with other applications like MyFitnessPal and Apple Health to track things like daily activity, steps, and caloric intake. I don't currently offer meal plans, but if there is a demand I can look into this as well. As of right now I do not have any nutritional certifications, but I have purchased the material for Sports Nutrition which I will be completing this year.