Learning to Farm

We have been playing in the dirt here for about 5 years now. We know a lot more than we did when we started, but we still have so much to learn. I hope as this site grows to be able to provide some insight into the things we are always learning here, but I also wanted to take some time to give a little credit to the people I have discovered on the web who were able to provide valuable content that helped me learn what I have along the way. This is not an exhaustive list, but I will try and continue improving the list of recommendations of where to go for good informative content. Eventually we hope to be on a list like this compiled by someone else who has found what we do hear useful.

Abundant Permaculture

Justin Rhodes has a YouTube channel and his own site. The website has both free and paid content, and they have done a lot to bring a community together on their website. He and his family have produced multiple DVDs related to farming. One was a documentary where they took a road trip and visited farms in all 50 United States.

Visit Abundant Permaculture

PolyFace Farms

Joel Salatin runs this farm in Virginia that I really want to visit. He's a Christian farmer who believes that good farming ultimately comes down to taking care of the soil. His father bought the farm at a time when the soil had been mostly eroded away and it required years of good soil husbandry to rebuild what is now a profitable farm. He wrote several books and has created a few documentary / educational films.

Years ago, I bought "Pigness of Pigs" directly from him at a homesteading event. It's funny because at the time I wasn't a Christian, and the book is written to a Christian audience. When I brought it home and realized who it was targeting I kinda shrugged it off and put it up on the shelf. I have only read the first few chapters, but I have found God since then, and I did pick it back up recently to complete it. Maybe I'll write a post reviewing the book in the next few weeks once I've had time to finish it.

Visit PolyFace Farms

Geoff Lawton

Geoff was the first online creator I found doing the kinds of things I want to do here on our farm. He offers an online Permaculture Design Course which I believe can prepare anyone to start a new career if taken seriously. I've signed up for the course twice now, but for one reason or another I haven't completed it. I think once we start selling some of the products we make on the farm I would like to invest in a third run through the course and make sure to complete it. 

Visit Geoff Lawton Online

Wrapping up

I will come back and either edit this page in the future or create pages for individual content creators around the internet where I believe there is a good stream of information available as it relates to farming. For now, each of these creators has free content and paid options for even more in depth videos/articles. In the case of Geoff Lawton you have a certification course where you will be tested to make sure you can actually use the information you are consuming. I hope this helps anyone who is just starting to look into that farm life find their way to these wellsprings of inspiration and valuable information. I've added quick links to each of these sites to the main menu for this site, and I'll continue to expand that list as I can.