Video Site

Here at O'day Acres we are actively working to create a digital platform we can use to share the stuff that happens on the farm. In the very near future we are looking at one of our guardian dogs whelping new pups. To help share this experience we are releasing a video streaming platform where we can not only share video of this amazing experience, but other fun stuff going on around the farm as time goes on. Right now we haven't posted much in the way of our own content. I just have a few short videos up including one of Loki at his new home on a bigger farm.

The video site is federating content from other similar services so not everything there is content we have generated ourselves. I have added a video menu item to the site menu which will open a new tab to the farm channel which will be dedicated to farming content either from our farm or other farms we visit or plan to visit. I am also going to reach out to some other farm based content creators and invite them to create an account here so we can aggregate content for them as well. Keep your eyes peeled for updates from our farm and others.

Here is a taste of some of the content we hope to provide once we can start moving again in the spring!