Whelping Video

Well Friday was a heck of a day. Sophia ended up having 9 healthy puppies. The first few were a little nerve racking as she didn't seem to quite know what to do through instinct alone, and it seemed like we need to intervene. After the first 3 though she quickly got the hang of things and by the time she was done she was looking like a professional. We shot a lot of video that day and planned to edit together our whelping experience into a video that can be shared. I had never edited a video myself before (despite being active in the filming of 2 movies) so this was an entirely new experience for me. It took a lot longer than I had ever anticipated, but it's finished now and ready for your viewing enjoyment.

UPDATE: Keep in mind that while this is an edited video, we have not censored anything so there is blood. If that's something that might upset you, you may not want to watch this version. I am working on another version which will be cleaner for those who are just looking for the cute parts, but editing and rendering video is a slow moving process which will probably take some time. Also, I made sure to mention in the video description that the music was provided by bensound.com.

If you are interested in reserving a puppy let us know. You can use the contact form, our FarmChat room on matrix through element, or even by leaving a comment on the video if you have a peertube account. I will be posting another page soon with details (timeline, shots, etc) for people who put a deposit down to know what to expect.